Here at K-D Associates, Inc. we take our work very seriously, even though we try not to take ourselves too seriously.


( Our long list of satisfied, loyal, smart, and generally attractive customers can attest to that. )


K-D Associates, Inc. maintains a professional and technical staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience conducting on-site inspections and assessments for commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional properties and clients.

We are staffed and managed by these dedicated and well-seasoned folks:


Bryan Schultz


Bryan brings over 30 years of lab experience to our in-house laboratory, but don’t be surprised to also see him in the field. He believes that coffee should be consumed black (and often), fruit has no place in beer, and Scotch should only be enjoyed neat.

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John Madigan


John’s extensive background managing asbestos projects and conducting mold and lead paint inspections spans 40 years. His spin-the-globe penchant for travel has found him eating crickets in Cambodia to mountain biking in Slovenia.

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Dillon Wells

Environmental Consultant

Dillon’s willingness to get into a crawlspace to collect mold samples has been described as strangely enthusiastic, although he will deny having fun down there. His experience with asbestos projects also brings a lot to our table. A confessed fishing fanatic, Dillon also has an impressive knack for winning on scratch tickets.

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Sara Clark

Office Manager

Sara is the office air traffic controller. Her deft talent as Office Manager earns our appreciation daily, and is unrelated to the fact that she processes payroll. When not in the office, you might find her in a yoga studio learning to balance more than the books. She has been overheard saying that those college psychology courses come in handy around here. Wait, What?

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