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Learn More About Lead

Preventing lead poisoning and exposure to lead by children, homeowners, contractors begins with an understanding of where and how much lead is present through a Lead Based Paint (LBP) inspection. Lead inspections are defined by HUD as surface-by-surface investigations to determine the presence or absence of Lead Based Paint.

K-D Associates, Inc. utilizes a Niton X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer (XRF) to test a representative sampling of the painted surfaces in a dwelling, unit or building without damaging the painted surface. We test according to protocols set forth by HUD and ASTM, as well as custom protocols developed to meet specific client needs. XRF testing is the method preferred by HUD to test their buildings for Lead Based Paint. XRF testing is a non-destructive, fast, cost effective, and legally defensible.

K-D Associates, Inc. can also provide paint chip sampling, post-remediation wipe samples, Essential Maintenance Practice (EMP) compliance, and EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule compliance assistance. We perform lead inspections for various organizations and purposes including OSHA Compliance, HUD’s Lead Safe Housing Rule, and Real Estate Purchases & Leases.

X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer ( XRF ) testing for the presence of lead in paint.

X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer ( XRF ) testing for the presence of lead in paint.